Q: What is DECA?
DECA is a student-run business organization that prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for college, career paths, and beyond. Through different competitive events in marketing, finance, hospitality, and management, students have the opportunity to attend conferences all over the nation where they take exams, present written events, perform in mock business scenarios, and attend workshops.

Q: How do I join?
Email us at deca@harker.org to join at any time! Also, look out for our booth at Club Fair!

Q: What’s the difference between a written event and a roleplay?
A written event is a report that usually consists of a presentation and a 10-20 page write up about a specific topic in entrepreneurship, finance, hospitality, or business management and administration. Written events can be done in teams of 1-3. On the other hand, in a roleplay, competitors are given a mock scenario, such as a job interview, and they have 10 minutes to prepare a presentation before they present it to a judge. Depending on the roleplay event one chooses, they can be done solo or with a partner.

Q: Is there a fee?
In order to cover travel and amenity costs, there is a fee to attend conferences. However, DECA provides many scholarship and financial support opportunities for students that may need it.

Q: I am a freshman. Do I need to attend all Friday study sessions?
We understand that there are conflicts and you may not be able to attend all Friday study sessions. That’s totally okay, just make sure to communicate with your mentor and find an alternative time to meet up!

Q: Which conferences do I need to attend?
The one conference you are required to attend to be able to qualify for Internationals is the State Career Development Conference (SCDC) held in Anaheim each year around February. Although HIGHLY recommended, you do not need to attend the Western Region Leadership Conference (WRLC) nor the Silicon Valley Career Development Conference (SVCDC) to be able to qualify for the International Career Development Conference (ICDC).