Experience The Difference.


Harker DECA is an internationally recognized, award-winning competitive business organization that prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in four fields of business: marketing, finance, hospitality, and management. Our DECA Chapter integrates classroom instruction, applies learning, connects to business, and promotes competition in order to prepare the next generation to be academically prepared, community-oriented, professionally responsible, and experienced leaders.




The Four Pillars of DECA

We aim to help DECA members become...
Academically Prepared

...for college and careers in marketing, finance, hospitality or management.

Community Oriented

...by gaining an appreciation for the benefits of service and their potential impact on the community and world.

Professionally Responsible

...with ethics, integrity and high standards in both their professional and personal lives.

Experienced Leaders

...by practicing key leadership skills such as goal setting, consensus building, and project management.

Daniels Fund Core Principles

The Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative delivers principle-based ethics education, and reinforces the value of ethical business and personal conduct. Each of the Ethics Initiative's eight components utilizes a specific approach to reach its target audience:.

Ethics and Integrity

...to make ethical decisions in both personal and professional environments.


...to be truthful and transparent in all activities, whether they be personal or professional.


...to be respectful and kind to all people regardless of their position and to mindful of their challenges.

Loyalty & Reliability

...to upholding the values and legacy of Bill Daniels and to lead an ethical life in his honor.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

...to value entrepreneurship and innovation while remaining ethical and honorable in all actions.

Patriotism & Dedication to Community

...to be proud and devoted citizens of the nation and to uphold the values outlined in the Constitution.

Commitment to Excellence

...to expect professional and ethical excellence from others and yourself.


...to present yourself as in a professionally responsible, polite, and honorable manner.