Ninja Innovation 2014

Mountain View, California - On Thursday, February 20th, seven students travelled to the Ninja Innovation and Start Up Culture Conference at the Computer History Museum featuring Gary Shapiro, the CEO of the Consumer Electronics Association, in a discussion regarding his book Ninja Innovation: The Ten Killer Strategies of the World's Most Successful Businesses.

The Harker School BE members in attendance included:

  • Glenn Reddy
  • Jeton Gutierrez-Bujari
  • Lucas Wang
  • Arnav Tandon
  • Peter Wu
  • Raymond Xu
  • Siddarth Krishnamurthi

The evening began at 6PM for drinks, heavy appetizers, and networking. The students were able to converse with the business professionals, learning more about the industry and talking about their personal experiences. 

Following the conversational period, Robert Scoble, a tech evangelist, moderated the discussion with Gary Shapiro, who spoke about his experiences in the CES(Consumer Electronics Show) and in the business world, focusing on disruption, determination, discipline and passion. Shapiro shared his knowledge and described key emerging trends that are helping direct startup “ninja innovation” in this competitive landscape.

“Gary was great, very casual. He was very open about his opinions and not as political in his words as you might expect.” Glenn Reddy (10)

Following this presentation, drinks and dessert were offered to the students for this period of networking. Many of the Harker students were able to talk to high-level professionals regarding the Harker Business and Entrepreneurship Program. 

“The Computer History Museum is a great location and, thanks the Silicon Valley Bank, there was a huge spread of food for all attendees. It was great to see Harker's B & E students in action; I saw students controlling conversations with various executives around the room. Harker students left an impression at the event and made a great showing” –Glenn Reddy (10)